Pacific Projects

Over the past few years, Jane has extended her Pacific experience.

She has delivered a training program on local economic development to local governments in Kiribati, Cook Islands, Marshall Islands, Tuvalu and Fiji, working with the Commonwealth Local Government Forum. This work has focussed on establishing Green and Blue Economies in ways that build on sustainable use of local resources while also building resilience to climate change.

Jane has worked for UN-Habitat on strategic planning and implementation for the Participatory Slum Upgrading Program in Kiribati, the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea.

Her work on the informal economy has continued, with contributions to the development of a National Policy on the Informal Economy for Papua New Guinea. She is also working with colleague Brenda Andrias on a publication about “Embracing the Informal” which links some of the issues facing workers in the informal economy with the challenges for residents of informal settlements.

Jane is also active in developing strategies for addressing climate change. She supported EAROPH Australia’s 2020 webinar on “Climate Justice” which also fed into the UN Virtual Conference in the run up to COP 26. She presented on “Loss and Damages” arising from climate change to the 2021 World Urban Forum, and she is involved in planning a series of events for 2023.

Jane also represents EAROPH as a member of the Steering Committee for the Pacific Urban Partnership.